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HDK-Valand section​

Konstkåren has a section on HDK-Valand. In the house HDK in Gothenburg, Konstkåren has a bulletin board on the wall at the elevator on floor 3, close to the café. In the Valand house, Konstkåren has a room at the main entrance towards Valand tram stop. Information about meetings, activities, available positions and other important info is announced on the bulletin board at HDK and on the door at the union room at Valand.




Konstkåren HDK-Valand






Sektionsstyrelse / Section board


Ordförande / Chairperson HDK-Valand - Vanda Iľková 

Vice ordförande / Vice Chairperson  HDK-Valand - Elizabeth Saduma

Studentarbetsmiljöombud / Student work environment representative - Ville Hulling


Studentrepresentanter / Student representatives

Mer information om de olika grupperna och råden på HDK-Valand kommer snart!

More information about the different groups and councils at HDK-Valand is coming soon!

Institutionsrådet / Department council - Anna-Maria Jóakimsdóttir

Ledningsgruppen / Department Management Group - Ville Hulling

Utbildningsrådet / Education council - Anna-Maria Jóakimsdóttir

Arbetsmiljögruppen / Work environment committee - Ville Hulling


Interested in taking an active position in the union?

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