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Work environment

Work environment

Work environment is often divided into physical and psychosocial work environment. Physical work environment refers to the work rooms and the climate we live in during our study time. This may be the amount of student workplaces, the heat in the rooms and the climate in the work rooms or abnormalities that cause the risk of direct or indirect physical damage. Psychosocial work environment is not easy to reach but affects our well-being at as much as physical work environment problems. Psychosocial includes equality and equal treatment, group dynamics or factors that cause stress or anxiety.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the authority that regulates the work environment in Swedish workplaces and in the work environment law students are equated with workers on almost every point. This means that students have a great amount of rights and it’s the university's duty to fulfill the requirements that exist in this law.

Konstkåren continuously works with the physical and the psychosocial work environment for students at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts . This work is being done through representing the students in equal treatment groups and work environment groups, at both the faculty and at the institutions, and through collaboration with other student unions in Gothenburg and nationally.

If you want to know more about how GU and the student unions work with work environment, you can read about it at Studentportal


Student work environment person

In each section there is at least one Student Work Environment Person, SAMO. SAMO's task can be to represent students in the working environment group and be the link between students and Konstkåren union. SAMOs also get the opportunity for education in work environment and also education in Göteborgs University's work in the working environment. SAMOs may also be part of networking meetings with SAMOs from other institutions at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts and other faculties at Göteborgs University.


Do you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the working environment of your education?


It can different kinds of problemareas for example the number of microwaves, student workplaces, air quality, acoustic, group sizes, group dynamics or scheduling.

Contact the SAMO at your institution!




Campus Steneby

Do you have any questions about the work environment work at the Faculty of Arts or GU in general? Contact the presidium at: 

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