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Student healthcare

Student healthcare

The healthcare services in Sweden can be a bit different than what you are used to.Here is a short guide.

Health services at the University

If you are a student and you are experiencing health issues caused by your studies, you can receive support from the University's provider of student health services, for example through counselling sessions.


Feelgood Göteborg City is the University's provider of student health services and you should contact them if you are in need of student healthcare.


The student healthcare services can only offer support if your health issues are caused by your studies. If you are unsure whether your issues are caused by your studies, Feelgood can have a discussion with you to evaluate this. Based on this discussion, Feelgood will decide whether to grant you access to the student healthcare services or whether you will need to contact the general healthcare services. An evaluating discussion does not always take place: if Feelgood does not judge your health issues to be caused by your studies, you will be referred directly to the general healthcare services.


Healthcare services for students

At Feelgood Göteborg City you have access to individual counselling sessions and to different kinds of group activities. The services are based on your individual needs and are decided upon in joint consultation with Feelgood.

If you are offered individual counselling sessions, you will have access to three (3) sessions. If you are in need of additional sessions, Feelgood will contact the University of Gothenburg to approve them. Whether you will be offered additional sessions is decided on a case by case basis.

In addition to counselling sessions in person, it is also possible to have sessions online, through an app, or using a mobile phone or tablet. For a virtual session, you will need to download the Feelgood app, available for Android and iOS.

Group activities primarily consist of workshops and lectures about student health. 

Contact information for Feelgood

Appointments and advice: 010-810 81 92

Phone hours: Monday–Friday 08:00–17.00

Address: Otterhällegatan 2, 411 18 Göteborg

Visiting hours: Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00

Cancelling an appointment: Cancellations must be made by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment.  If you miss an appointment you will be charged. To cancel, call 010-810 81 92 (cancellations by phone can only be made on weekdays) or e-mail

Health services in Sweden - Information and counseling

The Medical Information Service, phone: +46 1177, is a 24-hour provider of free healthcare information and consulting. There are local medical care centres (Vårdcentral) all over Gothenburg.  

Information about medical service at Vårdguiden's website

In case of emergency – dial 112!

112 is the emergency number for ambulance, police and rescue, and fire brigade. You will be asked to explain what has happened and to state your location. There is an emergency room at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.


Non-prescription medicines, such as aspirin and cough syrup, are sold at pharmacies and at some supermarkets, grocery stores and petrol stations. A doctor’s prescription is required for stronger medications such as antibiotics. These medicines can only be obtained from a pharmacy (apotek).


All medical districts have a dental clinic (Folktandvården), usually located in the same area as the medical care centre (Vårdcentral). There is also a wide range of private dentists. Dental care costs are partially subsidised if you are registered in the Swedish social insurance system.

Vaccination programme

Sahlgrenska Academy has a vaccination programme for students. Contact the degree programme in question for more information and how you are affected as a student.

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