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Konstkåren has a local group at HSM, Academy of music and drama, that is working to make your education and your time here at the school as good as possible. The union is run by students and all students are welcome to take part in the important work that we do. We appreciate all kind of engagement, big or small. There are many ways to join us and contribute!

You can find us on the 3rd floor of Eklanda, by the elevator.




Artistförmedling - artist agency:


HSM-sektionen Konstkåren




Sektionsstyrelse / Section board

Ordförande / Chairperson - Alexander Johansson

Vice ordförande / Vice chairperson - Frida Törnklev

Sexmästeriet / Head of party committee - Vacant

Studentarbetsmiljöombud / Student work environment representative - Vacant


Studentrepresentanter / Student Representatives

Mer information om de olika grupperna och råden på HSM kommer snart!

More information about the different groups and councils at HSM is coming soon!

Institutionsrådet / Department council - Vacant

Ledningsrådet / Department Management council -  Vacant

Utbildningsrådet / Education council - Vacant

Arbetsmiljögruppen / Work Environment committee - Vacant


Interested in taking an active position in the union?

Do you have questions relating to the work of the section?

Contact your section here!

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