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GUS - Student Unions of the University of Gothenburg

Konstkåren is part of several different cooperation groups. One of of them is called GUS, University of Gothenburg Student Unions and is a collaboration between the four student unions at University of Gothenburg. GUS works with educational questions towards the university. This work includes meeting with the head of the University of Gothenburg and employees within the university's management. The GUS Board have meetings once a month. The members of GUS is Konstkåren, Göta Studentkår, HHGS och Sahlgrenska Akademins Studentkår. Read more about GUS here:

GFS - Gothenburg united student unions

Another cooperation that Konstkåren is part of is called GFS. GFS is a non-profit cooperation organization by Gothenburg's five student unions. GFS aims to promote the common interests of the five student unions. Through GFS, the five student unions owns the companies Fysiken, gym and Akademihälsan, Academy health. GFS also works with influence work concerning Gothenburg as a student city. The main focus is to improve students' conditions in the city of Gothenburg. The members of GFS is Konstkåren, Chalmers Studentkår, Handelshögskolans i Göteborg Studentkår, Göta Studentkår och Sahlgrenska Akademins Studentkår. Read more about GFS here:


Studentforum is an influential forum that Konstkåren is a part of. Studentforum is a collaboration where the student unions meet politicians to discuss and improve Gothenburg as a student city. In the Studentforum there are also representatives from ceveral collages in Gothenburg and the business community of Gothenburg. Read more about Studentforum here: studentforum.

Image by Edvin Johansson
Image by Jonas Jacobsson
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