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Student representation

Groups and councils

The faculty has two institutions, HSM (Academy of Music and Drama) and HDK-Valand (Academy of Design and Crafts). There are several councils and groups at the institutions. These councils and groups include positions for student representations that convey the students' voices and questions and review decisions made during meetings. Konstkåren helps the institutions and the faculty to coordinate student representatives for these various groups.

 The Artistic Faculty

At the Faculty of Arts, there are a number of groups and councils that handle questions and decisions overall for the entire faculty. In some of these councils and groups there is a student representative from Konstkåren presidium: KFS (Faculty Board), Prefektrådet (Heads of Departments council), KFBUGA (Faculty´s working group for preparations for education at the undergraduate and advanced level) LFN (The Academic Appointments Board), Nya Konst styrgrupp. Konstkåren is also has a SHAMO (Student Health and Local Occupational Representative) who is representative at LAMK (The Local Occupational Health and Safety Committee).
Read more about groups and councils at the faculty here:

Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts

Studentrepresentanter / Student Representatives

KFS, Prefektrådet, Nya Konst styrgrupp, LFN och KFBUGA  -

Miriam Ståhlgren


Taslima Syed Bastin


Section Representatives

Looking for student representatives for your section? Looking to help out by filling a vacant position? Check out your sections page!

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