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Information about the Mecenat card

NOTE, updated terms from autumn 2021

From now on, the following routines apply to those who want a Mecenat card and use Mecenat's discounts during the semester.


For you who are or will be a member of Konstkåren

You will not notice any differences. Just like before, you will get the Mecenat card in the app. If you want a physical card, you must order it from Mecenat.


You can order a physical mecenat card here.


With the Mecenat Card you get

  • A valid student ID

  • Access to Mecenat's discounts

  • Union ID that shows that you are a union member


For you who choose not to become a member of Konstkåren

You will not automatically receive a Mecenat card, either physically or in the app. If you have previously had a Mecenat card, it is valid until the validity period on the card has expired, after which it will not be updated.


The easiest way to get the Mecenat card is by becoming a member of Konstkåren.

If you choose not to become a member, you must contact Mecenat and send in a registration certificate to prove that you are a student. More information is available on Mecenat's website.

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