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Konstkåren is using the app Orbi

With Orbi, you as a student no longer need to keep track of various social media to see what is happening in our schools, everything is gathered in one app! With Orbi, you as a student can take part in not only events that are organized at your school but events that are organized at the entire Faculty of fine applied and performing arts! With the app you can see movie clubs, gallery openings, parties and pub nights anywhere on the faculty!

How to download the app:

1. Download the app from App Store, or Google Play.


2. Register and select "University of Gothenburg - Faculty of Arts". Then you choose your section, either Hdk-Valand or Hsm, depending on which school you study at. Finally, you choose the year of study.

3. Fill in the rest of your information and clear your account. There you should receive a confirmation email, check the spam if it does not appear in your regular inbox.


4. Go in to the app and follow all the groups that you are interested in

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