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Konstkåren Kick off 2021!!!

🎉The kick off-week is coming soon and we can’t wait! 🎉

This year our amazing sections at HDK-Valand and HSM have planned the kick offs starting next week! HSM will have their kick off the 6-10 of september and HDK-Valand will start the 10th of september and go on for the coming week

💕 Welcome to Konstkåren! 💕






On the 10th of September, Konstkåren is hosting a BBQ in Azalea in Slottskogen, with food and soft beverages. If you want to bring your own food or alcohol, you are more than welcome to. We will post on Instagram and Facebook the exact location in Azalea, so be sure to follow us on our social media channels for updates.



From the 13th to the 17th of September, there will be a big treasure hunt on HDK and Valand campus with a range of different art and crafts-related treasures that will be useful and inspiring for your creative practice. More information about the ArtSchnitzel is to come in the coming weeks.



Konstkåren will also be handing out vegan fika baskets to all students on the Valand Courtyard, next to the student galleries Monitor and Rotor2 on the 1st of October. The fika baskets will be a chance to meet new faces and to see inspiring exhibitions from our talented peers at the academy.



As new students you are all welcome to join us for a week of activities and events designed to help you make new friends and discover the beautiful city of Gothenburg. Kick-off week will run from 6th - 10th September with events on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

We will be announcing our events to all students through our social media accounts this week (you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @konstkarenhsm)! But in the meantime - look below for a sneak peek of what is coming up.

Also, don't forget to join our exclusive Facebook group for new students!


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