• Elin Astrid Gustafsson

New student healthcare!

We have a new health services at the University!

If you are a student and you are experiencing health issues caused by your studies, you can receive support from the University's provider of student health services, for example through counseling sessions.

The healthcare system for students are remaining the same but with a new provider.

Feelgood Göteborg City is the new provider of student health services at the university and your new contact if you are in need of student healthcare.

The student healthcare services can only offer support if your health issues are caused by your studies. If you are unsure whether your issues are caused by your studies, Feelgood will help you to evaluate this. Based on this discussion, Feelgood will decide whether to grant you access to the student healthcare services or whether you will need to contact the general healthcare services.

Read more about the new student healthcare here at our site:

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